Patrick O'Connor

I grew up in different cities all over the Eastern United States, before landing in Florida. There, I attended Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH) in Miami, where I discovered Industrial Design. After high school, I moved to Providence, Rhode Island to attend the Rhode Island School of Design for Industrial Design and Film. Almost immediately out of college, I began working for Hasbro Toys, collaborating with designers in the Research and Development department. I have worked on various projects, including the Star Wars role play items and Spiderman action figures accessories. I also was in charge of designing several lines of Kre-o construction sets from start to finish, including CityVille, Battleship, GI-Joe and Dungeons & Dragons.

I enjoy turning simple thoughts into material reality, with an uncompromising attention to detail in everything I do. I take pleasure in working through problems in both sketches and modeling. I have a wide range of skills in different forms of fabrication, including costumes, drawing, props, jewelry, and film. I am also interested in set design and art direction.

My interests range from the medieval to the futuristic, and I enjoy exploring history by recreating historical objects using a variety of materials (such as wood, metal, plastic, fabric, and leather). 

While making toys, I am passionate about making something that is not just a profitable product, but a memorable toy. I use this same creative outlook while making a film.

I am endlessly pursuing new skills sets and creative endeavors that enrich the world around me.